How to enable feedback on a website?

Please follow the steps below to enable collecting feedback on your website.

Step 1 -

  1. Please login to the Insignal dashboard from here: Login Now

Step 2 -

  1. Click on "Feedbacks" as shown in the image below:

Step 3 -

  1. Enter your website address. (Eg: Please make sure to include Http or https.

  2. Enter your website name.

  3. Select your website category. In case of a missing category; please select "Static".

Now press "Next step".

Step 4 -

  1. Click on "Copy" to copy the feedbacks tracking code.

  2. Click on "Next Step".

Step 5 -

- Before clicking on verify, please make sure to place the tracking code we copied in the previous step before </head> tag on your website. It can be placed right before the Insignal tracking code.

Please follow the Integration guide here for more details on how and where to place the tracking codes.

  1. Click "Verify". This will open a new popup with your website in it to verify if the tracking code has been installed successfully. That's it! You have successfully enabled feedbacks on your website. Let's proceed by customizing the widget and making feedbacks your own  :)