Opt-out of tracking (GDPR)

We do take privacy seriously and hence we are providing you and your users the ability to opt-out of any website that uses Insignal tracking.

This feature fulfills the consent requirements of the GDPR.

If you are a website owner that uses Insignal tracking then we highly recommend you to provide the following option for your users to be able to opt-out of the tracking.

The opt-out process is straight forward and can be done by simply accessing any website that has Insignal tracking code installed.

Simply add the following query parameter in your browser in front of the URL: ?pixel_optout=true

For example;

Website URL: https://www.example.com

To opt-out; simply open the website using this URL instead: https://www.example.com?pixel_optout=true

That's it. We won't be tracking anymore.

Important - Clearing your local storage, changing the browser or running the site in incognito will enable tracking again.