Data collection and processing information (GDPR)

We provide analytics for website owners and to provide those analytics we need to collect certain information, here is how we do it:


"When the visitor first enters the website, a Unique identifier (UUID) is generated and assigned to that visitor's browser, including other UUID's generated for that specific visit and page.

We do not store information like the IP of the visitor for the identification or do any fingerprinting.

The IP address of the visitor is only used for detecting the country of the visitor and it is never stored in our database.

Data collection can differ from website to website and their plans as we provide multiple types of analytics for our customers. "


" Standard tracking where we only record visitors data, their sessions and their pageviews.

Funnel where we also track events like mouse clicks, scrolls, browser resizing and form submissions.

Recordings where we track almost every event that a visitor makes in order to provide a high-quality session replay for the website owner. We never track or record private data like credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses, home addresses, social security number, pan number, aadhar card number etc. "

P.S - No sensitive data is collected, recorded or stored in our servers.