Insignal Cookie Information

To function properly, we use cookies. The cookies are stored in your visitor's browser so that we can show them correct content without identifying them personally.

If you wish to not be tracked, kindly read our Opt-out of tracking guide.

Below are the details of the cookies that are stored on your visitor's browser when you use the Insignal script:

  • visitor_ -  UUID (This cookie is used to save the visitor ID)

  • widget_appeared_ - Boolean (This cookie is used by Insignal Survey/Feedback widget. It makes sure if the widget is displayed or not)

  • _visitor_session_date - Timestamp (This cookie saves the last session the visitor had on the website)

  • _visitor_session_event_uuid - UUID (This cookie saves the actions visitor takes on the website including clicking and scrolling)

  • _visitor_session_uuid - UUID (This cookie saves a UUID for the present session under which events are happening)

  • _visitor_uuid - UUID