Heatmap Limitations

Currently, Insignal's Heatmaps have the following limitations:

1. Pages that use "scroll-lock": Although the Heatmap is generated, the data collected is incorrect due to how scroll-lock pages work. Heatmaps are generated on top of screenshots that we take of your site. To do this we load your page in a 'screenshot browser' in a full-size mode which takes a screenshot of the page.

2. Scrolling element on the < div > container: Insignal builds Heatmaps on top of screenshots. When we load your page to take a screenshot of it, we check how large the page is and take a full-sized screenshot of it. The issue with pages that contain the scrolling part of a page within a < div > container rather than using the < body > container is that Insignal cannot detect the scrolling content inside the < div > container when we take a screenshot.

3. iFrames: Although the iFrames are within the HTML of the page, we are unable to collect data. Content will show within the iFrame but clicks will not be present.

4. Pages with large file sizes: Insignal has a limit of 10MB when capturing the HTML of a page. Large pages that contain images and source code within the body of the HTML will not be captured if they are over this limit.

5. Pages that use parallax scrolling: The screenshot taken of the page is not correct. Parallax scrolling does not support viewports which extend all the way to show the page, which is how Insignal takes screenshots of pages.

6. Dynamic content: Currently our Heatmaps take a screenshot exactly when the page loads. We don't offer the ability to take screenshots of different sections which are revealed in the page dynamically, such as items that show only after a user scrolls down or menus that open on scroll over/click. Clicks collected on these dynamic elements will not be visible on the Heatmap. We are searching for solutions.

7. The content displayed using Adobe Flash: Due to security risks and the Adobe Flash plugin phase-out by all major browsers by the end of 2020, Insignal no longer supports Flash content in Heatmaps.

8. Internet Explorer Browsers: The screenshot may appear cut-off if taken from Internet Explorer due to a browser limitation that causes the browser to stop rendering after 8,192 pixels.
9. Height Limitations: When we take screenshots of a page, we do this by taking a single screenshot of all the page, however, Insignal’s renders a maximum of 15,000 pixels in height. Pages longer than this will be cropped to this point.

In case of further queries, kindly drop us a mail on hello@insignal.co