How to upload a custom snapshot

Before starting with this guide, please make sure you have read: How to capture a screenshot for heatmaps?

Step 1 -

Please login to the Insignal dashboard from here: Login Now

Step 2 -

Click on "Heatmaps" as shown in the image below:

Step 3 -

Now choose the device you want to upload a custom screenshot for:

Step 4 -

Now click on "Upload custom screenshot" as shown below:

Step 5 -

In this step, we will select the screenshot we have already taken. Kindly refer to this quick guide to learn how to capture a screenshot: How to capture a screenshot for heatmaps?

Step 6 -

In this final step, kindly click on "Upload".

Important: The custom snapshot button will only be visible when there is some data to be displayed. In case, there is no data, you will not be able to upload a snapshot.

That's it. Your screenshot should now be uploaded and will display in the background of the heatmap. In case you face any issues or want us to guide you through the process or help you with the screenshot, kindly mail us at